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SBI FASTag is a device that employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making toll payments directly from the prepaid or savings account linked to it.

It is affixed on the windscreen of your vehicle and enables you to drive through toll plazas, without stopping for cash transactions.

The tag can be purchased from Tag issuers and if it is linked to the prepaid account, then you need to recharge/ top up the tag as per your requirement.

It is a 10x 5 cm, rectangle shape, multi layered tag, which is made out of good quality paper, containing chip and antenna inside its layers, it is pasted on the wind screen of the vehicle, and through Radio frequency identification method, the information is read at the toll plaza from the tag.

Tag provides you with the convenience and ease during transit through the toll plaza along with saving time, fuel and money. SBI FASTag is presently operational at 346+ toll plazas across National Highways.

The system is inter-operable and the same SBI FASTag can be used across all toll plazas under the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program. More toll plazas will be brought under the NETC program in the future. Please visit the website for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What is a FASTag?

FASTag is a device that employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making toll payments directly while the vehicle is in motion. FASTag (RFID Tag) is affixed on the windscreen of the vehicle and enables a customer to make the toll payments directly from the account which is linked to FASTag. FASTag is operational at over 950 toll plazas, including all NH toll plazas and over 200 State toll plazas in India.

2) What are the benefits of FASTag?

A. For Road Users

  • Near non-stop motion through toll plazas
  • Convenience for cashless payment of toll fee
  • Less traffic congestion and reduced commute times
  • Toll statements can be downloaded online from customer portal

B. For Toll Operator

  • Lower operating costs
  • Better audit control through centralized user accounts
  • Improved capacity without being required to build more infrastructure

C. For Government

  • Savings on fuel and reduction of emissions from idling and repeated stops at toll plazas.
  • Improves transparency of toll transactions

3) Is FASTag mandatory for all vehicles in India?

Yes. As per amendments in the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) 1989 by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, FASTag is mandatory for all class M & N vehicles (four wheelers and above, carrying goods and/or passengers) w.e.f. 1st January 2021.

4) Is FASTag mandatory for new motor vehicle insurance?

Yes. As per amendments in the CMVR 1989 by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, FASTag has been made mandatory while getting a new 3rd party insurance w.e.f. 1 April 2021.

5) Who is implementing FASTag program?

FASTag is a flagship programme of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways & NHAI. Indian Highways Management Company Limited (IHMCL), a company promoted by NHAI has been mandated to implement FASTag programme in India. National Payments Corporation of India has been engaged to provide Clearing & Settlement House (CCH) services for this FASTag Programme.

6) What is the meaning of tag getting blacklisted? What can be done to avoid the Blacklist of tag?

A blacklisted tag means the tag which has been blocked by the issuer bank and cannot be used to pay toll at a toll plaza. There are various reasons of blacklisting of tag, i.e. Tag is not having sufficient balance in FASTag account. In such cases Customer may call the bank’s call center numbers (toll free) and get the reason of blacklist. To avoid Blacklisting of tag, customer should recharge his / her tag when he/she gets the alert of low balance from his/her bank. Also, FASTag may get blacklisted in case of any violation such as vehicle – tag class mismatch, non-affixation on the windscreen and carrying in hand, etc.

7) What is the validity of FASTag?

The physical tag has a validity of 5 years and after purchasing, Customer only need to recharge/ top up the tag as per your usage.

8) Why are the toll rates different for different vehicle categories?

The categorization is primarily based on the size and load they carry and type of use (Commercial/Retail) of a vehicle.

9) Where can I buy FASTag?

A customer can approach our any PoS location in the country. Please check PoS/Agent location for more details. Presently there is no online issuance of SBI FASTag from Web Portal and through App. It is under development and going to roll out shortly through our customer portal only.

10) What are types of FASTag and what documents are required to purchase a FASTag?

Since the SBI FASTag is a prepaid instrument, KYC documentation would be required as per the KYC policy of the Bank. Apart from the KYC documentation, the Customer need to submit copy of Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle along with the application for SBI FASTag. The SBI FASTag is linked to a prepaid account, then it can be issued as per below defined limits:

By accepting minimum details: This type of FASTag cannot have more than Rs. 10,000*/- balance limit in their FASTag (Prepaid) account. The monthly reload limit is also capped at Rs. 10,000/- and the total amount loaded during the financial year shall not exceed Rs.1,20,000/-.
Requirements: PAN, Vehicle RC Copy & Photo of the customer.

Customer onboarded with minimum details need to be converted into KYC compliant customer within a period of 24 months* from the date of issuance of tag, failing which no further credit shall be allowed in FASTag wallet. However, the customer will be allowed to use the balance available in the wallet.

(*Periodicity and amount may change from time to time as prescribed by RBI/Bank.)

KYC compliant FASTag: This type of FASTag account cannot have more than Rs. 2 Lakh balance limit in their FASTag (prepaid) account. There is no monthly reload cap in this account.

Requirements: Full KYC details (as per Bank policy from time to time), PAN, Vehicle RC Copy & Photo of the customer.

11) How to login SBI FASTag Portal?

Please visit . Your registered Mobile number for SBI FASTag is the default login ID and default password will be sent through SMS on your registered mobile number. If you do not receive the default password by SMS, please click on forgot password link available on the login page, to get your password on your registered mobile number with SBI FASTag.

Customer can check their tag balance, download statements, recharge their tags through Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card and UPI, lodge its complaint and surrender his/her tag through portal.

12) If I am a Non-KYC Customer, Will I be receiving any kind of communication to do the KYC?

Yes, SMS are being sent five times by our Bank at interval of 180/90/60/30/15 days before date of expiry for KYC updation. Finally, SMS is being sent on date of expiry advising the customer that account has been blocked for top up due to non-receipt of KYC details and are advised to contact nearest agent to upgrade to full KYC.

We are also flashing pop up message just after login to customer portal who were onboarded with minimum details and not upgraded their account in Full KYC from six months before the expiry of minimum detail (24 months from the date of onboarding ).

13) What will happen if I have not upgraded my KYC post 2 years of completion as a Non-KYC wallet customer?

You will be restricted from recharging the wallet if you have not upgraded your KYC post 2 years of completion as a Non-KYC wallet customer. However, you will be able to use the existing balance for toll transactions till your tags are marked “Low Balance” and blocked from using further.

14) How do I update my KYC?

a) PPIs up to Rs. 10,000 with loading from Bank Account:- Customer can update their account by login to the SBI FASTag Portal and under “Regulatory guidelines”. Customer can do only online recharge. Cash recharge is disabled in this type.

b) Customer can contact any nearest PoS/ Agents. Details of PoS /Agents are available at Customer Web Portal .

c) Customer can lodge his/her issue at This link is also available at SBI FASTag web portal

15) How to recharge a FASTag?

FASTag recharge can be done both by paying cash or online.

  • SBI FASTag can be recharged by visiting SBI FASTag web portal
  • On submitting user credentials, a wallet associated with SBI FASTag can be recharged via net banking, debit / credit card and UPI.
  • SBI FASTag can also be recharged via UPI on “My FASTag App” developed by IHMCL.
  • Auto top up facility for bulk fleet operators by linking their SBI Bank account. Contact our Helpdesk for support.
  • Recharge your SBI FASTag using any of the UPI enabled Apps through UPI Handle – “NETC.@sbi”.
  • SBI FASTag can be recharged through BBPS, YONO, Google Pay, Phone Pe & Paytm etc.
    YONO: – a) YONO Pay>FASTag> Recharge FASTag through UPI
    b) Bill payments> Quick Bill Pay> FASTag> Biller Location-National > SBI NETC FASTag
    Phone Pe: – Recharge & Pay Bills > FASTag Recharge> SBI NETC FASTag
    Google Pay: – Pay Bills> FASTag> SBI FASTag
    Paytm: – Recharges & Bill Payment > Transit > FASTag Recharge > State Bank of India
  • Recharge your SBI FASTag in cash can be done by visiting any SBI FASTag Agent. It is restricted to Rs.50,000/- per wallet in a month subject to overall limit of PPI.

16) What if I have recharged the FASTag but money is not credited in my SBI FASTag Account?

If customer has recharged the Tag and amount debited from account but not credited to his/her FASTag account, Customer can lodge his/her complaint at This link is also available at SBI FASTag web portal under support and Helpline number.

17) Do I need to use any specific lane at the toll plaza for FASTag?

Only vehicles fitted with FASTag are allowed to enter FASTag lanes of NH toll plazas. MoRTH has already directed to convert all lanes in each direction as FASTag lane. A vehicle without valid FASTag entering FASTag lane will be charged double the applicable toll amount in cash.

18) How would I know that the correct user fee has been deducted from my FASTag account?

Customers will receive an SMS alert on their registered phone number each time an amount is deducted from their FASTag wallet. Fee payable on each NH toll plaza is displayed at every toll plaza and can also be viewed online on website of NHAI.

19) How would I report an incorrect deduction and how will I get back the same?

You can report an incorrect deduction by lodging your complaint at within 40 days of the transaction date failing which it will be construed that all charges are acceptable to the Customer and in order. After receipt of complaint on portal, Bank would raise a Chargeback on behalf of you to recover the money that has been charged wrongly by Toll Plaza. This Chargeback process normally takes up to 20-30 working days. All incorrect deductions, if proven so, are reverted back post representing the case with Toll Plaza.

20) In case of harassment/ misconduct/ discourteous/ rude behavior of toll collection staff, what should we do?

In case of such a scenario, a complaint may be lodged with respective Project Directors at the toll plaza. Further, the incident may be reported at or call on toll free number 1033.

21) Can one vehicle use more than one FASTag?

Normally one vehicle is assigned with one FASTag issued by a bank. However, under circumstances, if the vehicle user is not satisfied with the service of a bank, he/she can get new FASTag assigned provided that the earlier tag has not been blacklisted by the bank due to various issues such as non-payment of toll, etc.

22) Can a FASTag bought for my one vehicle be used for another vehicle?

No, as per guidelines FASTag is issued to each vehicle based on RC copy of the vehicle. If there is mismatch, the ETC system at the toll plaza will detect the class mismatch and the FASTag is liable to be ‘blacklisted’ by the issuer bank and no new FASTag can be issued further against that vehicle number. FASTag users are advised to desist from such practice.

23) I have a FASTag with sufficient balance, but I could not go through ETC lane. How do I get my FASTag checked/ rectified to see whether it is active or not?

One may download “My FASTag App” of IHMCL – and check the real-time balance in the FASTag wallet assigned with the vehicle number.

  • Green for Active tag with sufficient balance
  • Orange for tags with low balance and
  • Red for blacklisted tags.

This feature shall help FASTag user with sufficient FASTag wallet balance to pass through a toll lane by showing the tag status of the assigned vehicle, in case the tag status has not been updated in the toll plaza server due to various reasons.

24) Can FASTag be used at places other than National highways?

FASTag system provides a unified and interoperable Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) solution. Currently, FASTag is operational at over 200 state toll plazas across India.

A pilot on parking payment via FASTag has also been carried out at Hyderabad International airport.

It is also envisaged to extend the usage of FASTag to other vehicular payments such as fuel payment, e-challan and various other payments at wayside amenities.

25) Can the tags purchased earlier be used?

Yes, FASTag purchased earlier shall also work as long as it has got sufficient balance and it is not tampered.

26) What if the FASTag gets damaged?

In case the FASTag gets damaged, you as a vehicle owner / user should approach Bank and request them for a replacement. You can contact your nearest PoS/Agent or lodge your request to . Both links are available at SBI FASTag Customer Web Portal.

27) What if I relocate to another City?

FASTag shall work on all NH toll plazas and selective SH toll plazas across the country. FASTag users can travel seamlessly from one state to another state without any change in FASTag.

28) Can I avail discounts/passes/exemption etc. on FASTag?

All discounts pass – local passes or monthly passes, exemption from Toll fees (for specific categories of vehicles), return fare discount, etc. can be configured in the FASTag. As per Govt. rules all discounts on toll fee are applicable.

29) Can I avail a monthly pass?

Monthly pass for a toll plaza will be issued at that particular toll plaza or the POS locations set by the Acquirer Bank of the toll plaza. If you are registered tag holder, you need to visit the toll plaza or the Acquirer Bank POS locations and request for the particular pass scheme. National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) with the help of NHAI and banks have implemented the issuance of monthly pass on FASTag through an easy online option. Existing FASTag users can avail this facility by following the below steps:

1. Open IHMCL portal and Click on “Buy monthly FASTag Pass” link.
2. Select the toll plaza name and enter the captcha.
3. Then you will get redirected to the acquiring bank page where you can enter Tag ID or VRN (Vehicle Registration Number)
4. Now select the pass type, pass scheme and continue with payment.
5. You will be issued a receipt on successful payment. Print the receipt or download for future reference.

There is no need to purchase a new RFID tag to avail a monthly pass scheme at any toll plaza. The FASTag already purchased by you can be configured with the monthly scheme.

30) FASTag De-activation

The Customer may at any point of time, request for closure of the Tag Account online by logging in to customer portal and submitting documents as required or by SBI policy/process prescribed in this regard from time to time. Thereafter, the balance amount (if any) remaining in the related Tag Account would be returned to the Customer in his/her bank account. In case of negative balance, the Tag holder need to settle all outstanding amount first and then closure of Tag will be processed. It will be assumed that Customer has peeled off the tag and destroyed it. Customer will be liable for any transaction occurred on tag till completion of surrender process of tag.

31) Grievance Redressal

a) You can call our Contact Center Toll Free Number: 1800-11-0018
b) You can lodge your complaint to . This links is also available at SBI FASTag Customer Web Portal.
c) MORTH/NHAI/IHMCL has launched 1033 helpline number for addressing FASTag complaints at toll plaza level. Customer can simply dial 1033 from Mobile/Landline for the following issues:

  • Stopped at the plaza for Tag blacklist reason even though Tag is not blacklisted.
  • Plaza not accepting FASTag.
  • Plaza not able to read the Tag.
  • Plaza not supporting for monthly pass issuance.

Do & Don’t Do Close

SL NO Do SL NO Don’t
1. Ensure the windshield glass is clean and dry from inside before applying SBIFASTag. Ensure it is to be pasted on wind shield from inside. 1. Do not paste it on the UV protection film screen.
2. If your windshield has a UV Protection film on the inside, you need to remove the film from the area where you plan to stick the FASTag. The Fastag sticker must be installed directly on glass. UV protection films have a layer of metallic oxides on them which prevents the RFID reader at the toll booth from reading your vehicle’s FASTag. 2. While sticking the FASTag to your windshield, do not press hard or else you might damage the chip within. Once stuck, do not peel off the FASTag and try to move elsewhere. This too will damage the chip.
3. Please convert your limited KYC account in full KYC within 24 months from the date of onboarding. 3. While approaching the toll booth do not get close to the vehicle in front of you. Maintain a gap of at least 10 feet. Wait till the vehicle in front of you goes past the toll gate barrier, and the barrier arm is lowered before bringing your vehicle within the sensing range of overhead tag reader.
4. Do always maintain adequate balance in SBIFASTag. 4. Do not peel off the tags after affixing unless it is necessary.
5. Drive towards the toll booth window slowly. Sometimes, if the tag reader fails to read your Fastag in the first attempt, it becomes necessary to move your vehicle forwards or backwards. For this reason, the vehicle behind you must not be too close to yours. 5. Do not use chemical on SBIFASTag while cleaning the wind shield
6. If the tag reader fails to read your Fastag, you’ll have to pay the toll the old-fashioned way i.e. by cash or card. In such cases, ensure the toll receipt mentions your vehicle’s registration number correctly. Sometimes, the toll is debited from your Fastag, but the toll booth system fails to get updated. In this situation you will have to upload the photo of your toll receipt on your Fastag provider’s website / portal / app and request a refund. No refund is issued unless the photo of the toll receipt is uploaded, and it has your vehicles registration number mentioned on it. 6. Do not share your log in password with anyone.
7. When the system works smoothly, the toll booth displays Fastag and vehicle category immediately after the reader reads your Fastag, and the barrier arm lifts automatically. You don’t get a paper receipt like before. Instead you’ll get a SMS on your phone with the debited toll amount. Not all Fastag providers send a SMS (Some do, some do it later, and some just don’t). It is always a good idea to verify your toll transactions on your Fastag provider’s website / portal / app after your journey.
8. Please lodge your toll transaction related complaint within 30 days from the date of transactions.
9. Do contact helpline 1033/1800110018 in case of Toll Plaza/any other issue.

Support & Help Line Numbers

Please lodge your queries / suggestion to our email ID

Please Lodge Your SBI FASTag Complaints at CRM Portal  Click Here

SBI FASTag Helpdesk Team will resolve your complaint lodged to CRM Portal and they will contact you separately for any document if require for resolution of complaint.

Toll Free Number :

You can call our Contact Center Toll Free Numbers:

  • 1800-11-0018
  • 1800 1234
  • 1800 2100

Toll Plaza Complaints :

We are pleased to inform that MoRTH/NHAI/IHMCL has launched 1033 helpline number for addressing FASTag complaints at toll plaza level. Customer can simply dial 1033 from Mobile/Landline for the following issues:

  • Stopped at the plaza for Tag blacklist reason even through Tag is not blacklisted.
  • Plaza not accepting FASTag
  • Plaza is not able to read the Tag
  • Plaza is not supporting for monthly pass issuance

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